7 Elements of Fiction

Topics: Fiction, Narratology, Narrative Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: December 4, 2011
1) PLOT - Action which occurs -- 5 ingredients
plotted as a witch's hat

1) Exposition (introduction) - background information
2) Rising Action / Complications - conflicts are presented
3) Climax - high point of the action
4) Falling Action - lessens the intensity
5) Denouement (conclusion) - pulls the story
together ["They lived happily every after"]

2) SETTING - Time, Place, Customs, General Environment

3) TONE - Mood of the story
examples: horror, suspense, humor
despondency, romance

4) STYLE - the way the author writes
distinctive qualities in the writing
Style could include mechanics of writing such as sentence length and structure or the use of adjectives and adverbs. Style could include plot development techniques such as flashbacks, irony, surprise endings, point of view, symbolism.

5) POINT OF VIEW - from whom we hear the story
1st person - told by a character in the story
"I" is used
The reader never knows the "truth."
3rd person - told by a narrator ("he, they")
The thoughts of the characters are not
given; the action is recorded as a camera
Omniscient - "All knowing" - Also 3rd person - narrator gives the thoughts of the characters-- he sees "inside their heads."
Limited Omniscient - the author gives the thoughts of only a few characters

Protagonist - main character
Antagonist - opposes the main char.
[does not have to be a person]
Foil - minor char. who reflects major Char.
Characters must be Life-like, Consistent
Motivated (believable)
Characters may be Dynamic (changing) or Static (not changing)

Well developed characters are ROUND
Char. That are not well developed or are stereotypes are FLAT

7) THEME - the basic meaning. Insight into life found in the story. Theme is not the same as subject...
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