The Great Gatsby Study Guide Analysis

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Review Study Guide-AP English Literary Analysis
1. Title of Work: The Great Gatsby Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald 2. Genre: Modernist novel
3. Significance of title: The title describes Gatsby as “Great” because he was able to fulfill the American dream of achieving success and wealth. 4. Significant author facts, style, themes: Fitzgerald wrote “The Great Gatsby” between 1923-1924 in America and France. 5. Major theme—dominant way of looking at life: Fitzgerald’s dominant theme in “The Great Gatsby” is society’s increasing materialism and the decline of a set of core morals and values. This is portrayed through Gatsby’s story. 6. Minor theme and motifs:

7. Significant character: (flat, round, static, dynamic, complex, protagonist, antagonist) Name: Jay Gatsby
Gatsby represents the theme of rising materialism and a decline in values in society entirely. He arose from nothing, became rich and in the process lost his integrity and honesty by becoming involved in criminal activities. Although he achieves the “American Dream” he is always in pursuit of Daisy who represents his thirst for an upper class status, something he will never be able to achieve due to his shady business. 8. Significant character: (flat, round, static, dynamic, complex, protagonist, antagonist) Name: Nick Carraway

Nick is a Westerner who cannot adapt to the frivolousness of the East Coast. Its superficial splendor can not compensate for its lack of morals. On the East Coast, Nick is a spectator of lies, affairs, murders, false backgrounds, and bootlegging. Even with the gaudy and expensive parties, in the end Nick finds himself missing the West and moves back. 9. Minor character: (flat, round, static, dynamic, complex, protagonist, antagonist) Name: Daisy

10. Main setting or settings and significance:
a. West Egg: It’s the place where the “new rich” live, including Gatsby. Residents of West Egg created their own wealth and lack the...
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