Diagnostic Essay

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Weston E. Nicholson

September 7, 2010

ENG 111-15G

Diagnostic Essay

Writing Fireworks

I have never been very good in English class; I find that adverbs, nouns and adjectives confuse me. I have, however, enjoyed composition. I am the kind of writer that writes about anything for any reason. It can be fiction, non-fiction or even a mix of both; but I go on and on until I get bored with it, than stop. Usually when I receive an assignment, I just start writing and writing and when I think I’m done, I will proof read several times while making changes. If I had to compare my writing to anything, it would be to fireworks being lit off and flying through the air in an array of colors. However, there are pros and cons to this “writing style”, and even things that need, or should be, changed.

Never have I had a problem with my writing, or the style in which I choose to use. I am usually well informed of the topic and even conduct research beforehand; but when I start writing, it’s like an explosion, it’s like someone just lit my fuse and is watching me go. I think an advantage to my writing is that my brain just goes; I am not constrained to outlines or guidelines, but to my own imagination. Research, and the information retrieved from it, is not all that you’ll find in my writing. A lot of people do research and only include what they’ve find in their paper; if I think that something else needs to be added, than I am free to do such and I don’t feel like I am “messing up” my paper up. To me, that is another advantage. I know, I know, there are disadvantages as well, now let me discuss those.

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Every activity has its advantages and its disadvantages; the same is true with my writing. The fact that I may leave something out or just simply forget it is a huge disadvantage. When I start writing, I just go, which makes forgetting something very likely and dangerous. This is, of course, something that I would...
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