Literacy Narrative(Rough Draft)

Topics: Writing, Mind, Essay Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Salman Hamid
Literacy Narrative
The most vivid memory I have of writing is back in the tenth grade. I had the best teacher ever in regards to writing. I used to view writing as a senseless waste of time. Writing, in my opinion, at the time was always noted to be formal and boring; however, my tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Perez, changed my whole perception of writing and how it affects humanity. One day after class she pulled me aside and recommended a book known as, “His Dark Materials,” which is about a young girl who, with her allies, fought for the discovery of a dark substance called the “Dust.” The book single handedly altered my mental picture of writing and creativity. Writing can be about anything in the universe, and the possibilities are endless. The main point, however, which ties everything together, is imagination. One’s imagination can truly be defined as infinite to the power of infinite, because it contains numerous amounts of details and features on life and the world itself. How does this tie to writing one may ask. Well an elaborate imagination helps to create an elaborate piece of writing. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Months after I finished reading the book, Mrs. Perez clearly stated that we had a term paper due by the end of the week, and it could be about anything. My ideal philosophy in regards to homework is to procrastinate till the very last minute. The reason why is my mind functions in an urgent manner. Whether its memories, or problems; my brain turns every little issue into a perfect solution, when it’s being rushed. Basketball has always been my true passion and my love for it is boundless, therefore I chose it to be my topic of writing. Once my mouth starts talking about basketball, it in fact, does not stop. I started my term paper orderly and precisely, and I couldn’t stop writing. It was truly amazing because usually I would always constantly...
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