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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Donnye Canada
Phase II-Individual Project

The six key elements of organizational structure:
1. Work specialization- Dividing work activities into separate job activity to increase work output. 2. Departmentalization - How jobs are grouped together. Five common forms are: a. Functional-jobs grouped according to function

b. Geographical-jobs grouped according to geographical regions c. Product-jobs grouped by product lines
d. Process-jobs grouped on the basis of product or customer flow e. Customer-jobs grouped on the basis of specific & unique customers with common needs 3. Chain of Command-clarifies who reports to whom

4. Span of Control-how many employees a manager can efficiently and effectively manage 5. Centralization and Decentralization – the degree to which decision making takes place 6. Formalization-how standardized an organization’s jobs are and how employee behavior is guided by rules & procedures

My company is the Newspaper In Education (NIE). The NIE is a partnership consisting of newspapers, sponsors, teachers, students, and The Press Enterprise committed to the youth of their communities. The Press Enterprise absorbs all NIE administrative costs and offers newspapers to schools at a special education rate. To supplement the newspapers the NIE team assists teachers by providing curriculum guides, workshops, tours, supplemental programs and special events such as Spelling Bee and other competitions. Since organization structure for all the individual companies involved would be way too large, here is their group organizational structure

Press Enterprise

↖ ↘ ↙↗
The NIE Team

Last week I identified three things that work in my company. They were: * The Marketing Plan
* The NIE Advisory Board
* The NIE brochures, newsletters & web site...
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