50 Ways to Combat Climate Change

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  • Published: November 22, 2012
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Climate change is something that has been on the radar of people worldwide since the 1980's, when the hole in the ozone layer of Antarctica was discovered. Are we doing enough to reduce climate change, and reverse the effects of global warming? While it might be nearly impossible to reverse climate change, we can try to slow down the effects of climate change. On this page, you can find earth friendly tips on reducing your carbon footprint, from greening your vacations to recycling, reducing your energy use at home to helping promote sustainable forestry. 1. Eat less meat, and eat more vegetables. Cattle are one of the largest producers of methane, a gas that helps contribute to global warming. Cut back on the meat, and you'll be contributing to less methane.

2. Use a more energy efficient vehicle to reduce emissions and oil use. The Toyota Prius always tops the list of most efficient cars, but don't forget the Accord, Sanata, and Jetta.

3. Plant a tree on your own, or in Brazil. You can make donations to help plant trees far away, or plant one locally to help produce more oxygen and filter our air.

4. Take public transportation. Even if you only take public transportation once a week or once a month, you're lessening potential emissions that contribute to climate change.

5. Turn the temperature down on your thermostat to save energy. Any energy you save lessens the amount of fossil fuels used at energy plants.

6. In the warmer months, use window and fan ventilation over air conditioning when possible instead of air conditioning (in your car, too).

7. Purchase recycled products, like recycled paper and recycled plastic toys.

8. Reuse things in your life. Even recycling takes some amount of energy to transform a material into something else. By reusing, there's no transformation or emissions involved, just a little brain power.

9. Buy locally, from farmers markets, locally grown shops, and even in the grocery store to lessen transport...
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