5 Steps to Breaking Bad Work Habits

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5 Steps to Breaking 阻斷 Bad Work Habits
Andrew G. Rosen, On Tuesday 26 October 2010, 22:10 SGT
We all have our own bad habits at the office. Maybe it's gossiping or complaining閒聊和抱怨. Or binge eating or nail-biting嚗食或指甲. Or checking e-mail incessantly. Whatever the habit, we'd be happier without it. To break and replace those tendencies, follow these simple five steps: Step 1: Identify your bad office habits

Routine makes us feel safe, but don't hide under the umbrella of familiarity for too long. The problem with habits is that we let them control us. Our subconscious kicks in and tendencies take over--without us even thinking about them. Monitor yourself for a full week as you go through average work days. Jot down草草記下 any potential habits 潜在习惯 in a job journal. Whether it's an arbitrary (tùy ý) ritual (lễ nghi) like tapping (輕拍) your toe three times before you enter the building or sipping on (喝著) an afternoon diet soda (無糖飲料), include it on the list. The point here isn't to nab (逮捕,tóm cồ)every habit and routine (日常工作), but to find a starting point (出發點,起始點). Step 2: Determine which habits are hurting you確定哪些習慣會傷害你 Let's shoot big; identify the habit that affects you most negatively. It could be wasting time, putting physical or mental stress on your body, fatigue 疲勞 (from that diet soda), etc. Look at the short-term and long-term picture and prepare to face your worst habit head on. Step 3: Stop your habit dead in its tracks

Sometimes stopping a habit is as simple as recognizing it. Next time you find yourself carrying out the habit, say to yourself, "Stop!" If you have the luxury of yelling it aloud, do it. If you're in a public office, say it in your head (rather than risk looking bonkers). Create a physical or graphical reminder that represents the negative outcome of the habit, and access that reminder when you need it. With the soda, for example, hang a picture of decaying teeth near your desk (or maybe in a drawer you open often, where your...
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