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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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* Yahoo! (Yahoo) is a leading global internet businesses, which provides internet services to individuals and businesses worldwide. * Yahoo! Home Page – including My Yahoo, Yahoo Toolbar, Yahoo Local and Connected TV. * Communities & Services – including Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and Flickr. * Search Services – including Yahoo Search, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Yellow Pages, and Yahoo Maps. * Communications Services - including Yahoo Mail, Zimbra Mail, and Yahoo Messenger. * Connected life - including Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Go, Yahoo Broadcast, Yahoo Digital Home, and Yahoo Desktop. * Audience Services – including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Health. * Major Products and Services – including Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Real Estate, Shine, Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Travel Yahoo! Kids and Yahoo TV. Price

* Yahoo Search employs quality-based pricing, which measures the quality of traffic coming from its distribution partners i.e. web publishers that display your paid ads. * Yahoo Ecommerce rates for small business range from $39.99 (starter) to $129.95 (Standard) on up to $299.95 (Professional) in monthly costs. * Yahoos Build Your Own Search Service (Boss) employs a “pay for what you use pricing approach rather than a one size fits all for its developers customers. The rate is calculated by number of queries and how deep they go. * Yahoo domain service prices range from the length of term, i.e. 1 year costs $9.95, two years $19.90, 4 years $29.85 and 5 years $49.75. * Yahoo Web Hosting prices range from $9.95 per month (if the term is 1 year) to $12.95 if the term is on a monthly basis. Place

* Yahoo operates an affiliate program whereby online marketers can promote its Hosting Services, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Hot Jobs and Merchant Solutions for commissions ranging from $10 to...