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TM585 Network Design and Management

Customer Research and Analysis Template

Week 1 Template

Business name AT&T INC
Headquarters address 208 South Akard Street
City, State, Zip Dallas, TX 75202
Main business telephone with area code 1-210-821-4105
Web site URL and e-mail address: (HTTP://WWW.ATT.COM) &

Type of business and Industry – Cellular, Communications
Products or Services offered: wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data, and long distance phone service.

Organizational structure of the business
Organization chart


Company Mission Statement Our mission is to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T's services and operations.

Company Goals and Objectives: “More Bandwidth In More Places” The AT&T global network was born of the ingenuity of AT&T Labs networking specialists who made disparate systems work together. Being the world's fastest and most reliable global network, our network is the standard against which all others are measured. To maintain our leadership in this arena, we focus on the future and aggressively pursue innovations. Our vision is to design and create in this decade the new global network, processes, and service platforms that maximize automation, allowing for a reallocation of human resources to more complex and productive work.

Company Constraints – Invent

Write one goal for the company that explains the primary reason it is investing in a network implementation or upgrade One of the Primary goals of AT&T is to be known for having the fastest network in the world. It also wants to have more bandwidth in more places.

Number of departments 3

Number of branches, sites, locations
List counties, states, and/or foreign countries where branches are located

AT&T 220 Building – building in...
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