4 G Technology

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4G Technology

Until recently in the UK, everything concerning mobile technology was run on 3G (3rd generation wireless technology), however 4G has now been introduced. 4G is the 4th generation wireless technology also referred to as Long Term Evolution (LTE). It is built to provide a more efficient mobile internet and data service. It gives a much quicker connection speed of up to 100mb per second which is faster than many home broadband connections. It is said to be described as “MAGIC” mobile multimedia, any-time anywhere, global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized personal service. This new technology will offer many benefits to mobile phone users in the UK.

With 4G providers can offer improved services to customers, giving them better deals for their money. This will boost providers profit, bring in new customers and give their current customers reason to stay with them. Providers will also be able to offer data access to a variety of devices. Customers will be able to use the services more frequently but with a better speed and less chance of system crashes. E.g. currently on 3G if too many people are updating their Twitter account at the same time the system will run slow and even sometimes crash. 4G should prevent this from happening. It will provide a more reliable service for customers. It will provide a higher bandwidth and increased data rates allowing users to utilize HD (high definition) video and video conferencing features found on mobile devices. Better coverage will be given as 4G works at 2.6GHz even though it uses the same receiver and transmitter for 3G. This will also mean it takes less time to build 4G as it uses the same tower as 3G, they only need to upgrade it with 4G components. I will provide mobility as customers will be able to get a reliable signal anywhere. Also the government have said they will use the money gained from 4G license sales to provide 100,000 new homes for first time buyers....
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