4 Days of School Week

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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4 day school week pro’s final draft Jincy
Who wouldn’t want a four day school week? This would be really beneficial. In my opinion a four days of school each week sounds good. First of all, a four day school week can lead to more family time and activities. Usually when we have a 5 day school week, we don’t get to spend a lot of time with our families. Or we don’t get to do other activities we would like to do. So this idea would make the time for that. We can also have a makeup day for assignments we don’t finish. Second of all, this can also save money for the school. Lane said the four day school week would save the school system about 3% of the total school budget. Also, the schools who have tried this said dropout rates decrease. Last of all, you can have time to finish work. When you have a five day school week we don’t really have time to finish work. So this extra day can be a day to get caught up. The four day school week can also lead to less referral. It can probably improve a student’s behavior because they can get a little more rest during the weekend. In conclusion, a four day school week sounds good to me. It can let you have an extra day to relax, save money for the school, decrease dropout rates etc. in other ways this can also be a bad idea.
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