Year Long School Year

Topics: High school, Education, Year-round school Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: April 24, 2013
As modern society advances at astonishing rates, it is a common occurrence that many mandated policies are rarely reviewed, and often become outdated. One of the best instances of this could be depicted by the modern school year. The school year was optimized for a different time, and as such, needs to be changed. The change to an all year school would allow for improved learning, greater knowledge, and an increased number of breaks throughout the school year. The need for change in the school calendar is very crucial, and be beneficial for multiple purposes. Many schools in the United States are beginning to change their school calendar so their students attend class all year round. The changes still allow the students time off in the summer, but they do not have the three months of break most students in America receive traditionally. Instead, they get a break of a couple weeks in the summer, and the remainder of the time is divided up and put into other breaks throughout the year. All schools in America should switch to a year-round calendar to accommodate the different and higher level of learning needed to be successful in our changing world and society. The traditional school system was designed many years ago when our country was an agricultural nation. Therefore, the school calendar was developed having a long break in the summer so students could assist their family with cultivating crops and other aspects of farm life. The traditional school calendar was not a calendar for higher learning, and should be extended to meet the needs of modern day students. There are many explanations as to why the traditional school calendar should be changed.

Without a doubt, having an extended year-round school solves the problems of traditional schooling. Students do not have the burden of remembering of all the information learned over the prior school year over the long break. Changing will also allow students to come into the next grade refreshed and ready. The...
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