3 Day Exercise Analysis

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3 day exercise activity analysis
Week 8

Sci 241

I get most of my physical activity from work. I work usually eight hours a day and I am on my feet all day. I do moderate to light work at my job. I also have a two year old son that I have to chase around when I get home and that helps me get physical activity. Doing house work helps me with my physical activity. I like to scrub my kitchen floors at least every other day. I do not use a mop because I feel like it does not clean as well as when I am scrubbing on my hands and knees.

There are some changes that I can make to increase my physical activity. Instead of walking to work I can jog to work. I can take my son to the park more often when it is nice out and chase him around at the park. I know that I should try to get out more. I am usually inside more than I am outside. After I have my child I would really like to start going to the gym. I would like to start walking and jogging on a treadmill on a regular basis. The good thing is that there is a gym nearby that has a day care center that my kids can go to while I am exercising. I think that the best exercise that would suit me best would be light jogging and walking on the treadmill. I really like taking walks and I enjoy light jogging. I also think some aerobics would also help me as well. I would really like to get to a gym. I think if I had a trainer or somebody to get me motivated it would really help me. When I was in high school I enjoyed gym class because I had a teacher to motivate me to run a mile every other day. I also had friends to run with me. If I took my sister to the gym with me I think she would really motivate me. I could do these activities year round at a gym. I would not run outside in the winter because it gets way to cold and I do not like the cold. I could do these activates at a gym though year round.

According to the supertracker website I was accredited 2430 minutes this week. My total...
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