Stretching and Activity

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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* Copy and answer the following questions in a word processing document. * Be sure to save the assignment document to your Personal Fitness folder. * Be sure to save your work as 2_04.rtf.

Assignment Questions
Part I: Beginning the Activity
1. Choose an activity such as walking, running, aerobics, soccer, basketball, or rollerblading. What exercise activity will you participate in? Running

2. Why is the warm-up phase of your training program important? It will stretch each major muscle group which will be worked during the activity you are preparing for. 

3. Why is the cool-down phase of your training program important? Stretch all major muscles; focus on those that will have a large demand placed on them.

4. Identify areas of your body in which you have experienced muscle soreness due to vigorous activity. Legs and arms. Part II: Design a Warm-up for Your Personal Needs
For each of the following, describe what you will do to prepare your body for the activity that you selected in Part 1, #1. Aerobic exercise:
Light jog, slow cycling, easy jump roping, side shuffles (running sideways without crossing your feet), skipping, and jogging backwards.  Stretching (stretch all the major muscle groups used):
 Will involve static (still) stretches and/or dynamic (moving) stretches.  * Static stretches involve stretching a muscle group as far as you can, without causing pain. Static stretches should be held thirty seconds for maximum effectiveness.  * Dynamic stretches, another safe form of stretching, involves slow movements which stretch the muscle groups.  

Sport-specific exercise:
Activities should mimic the movements you will do in the vigorous activity you are preparing for but are done at a lower level of intensity. Part III: Design a Cool-down for Your Personal Needs
For each of the following, describe what you will do for your cool-down for the activity that you have selected. Aerobic activity:
A slow...
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