3.06 P.E Log

Topics: Stretching, Physical exercise, Control key Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: December 9, 2012
* Copy and paste the information below into a word processing document.  * Remember to copy from the top of the page. If you only copy the table, the formatting may not appear in your document. * For PCs:  Select CTRL + C  to copy and then CTRL + V to paste. For Macs:  Select Command + C to copy and then Command + V to paste. * You may have to set your document to landscape in order in ensure that all in ensure that all information is included. | Log 3.06—Flexibility Log

Type Name: Victoria Fernandez_______                    Type Date: 10/11/12 Flexibility| Date|  10/9|  10/10|  10/11|
Stretching exercise| Muscle worked| reps/time | reps/time | reps/time | Chest/Biceps Stretch| Pectoralis, Biceps|  2/15|  2/20|  2/16| Shoulder/Triceps Stretch| Deltoids, Triceps|  2/20|  2/25|  2/27| Upper Back & Torso Stretch| Trapezius|  1/10|  2/20|  2/30| Lower Back Stretch| Latisimus Dorsi|  1/15|  2/15|  2/18| 00Lying Quad Stretch| Quadriceps|  2/25|  1/20|  2/26| Modified Hurdler’s Stretch| Hamstrings|  2/15|  2/20|  2/23| Calf Stretch| Gastrocnemius|  2/10|  2/15|  2/20|

Lying abdominal stretch| Abdominals|  3/20|  3/25|  3/30| **Remember to use the FIT principles to help you improve your flexibility  
I am beginning to see me improvement in my stretches. I’ve been trying hard to push myself and stretch farther and for longer every day. I’ve been stretching every day to improve my flexibility and I’ve been stretching after school, because I feel it relaxes me more.
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