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1. Executive Summary
Scorpio Books is an ‘independent’ bookshop based in Christchurch, established around 32 years ago. It was previously named Pisces Books, however that changed in 1979. The range they had used to be ‘counter-culture alternative and quite different’, only providing cook books about vegan and vegetarian foods. However over the past 22 years, their selection range has extended. This report will be used aid Scorpio Books in future business and will hopefully point out where improvement is needed. While conducting a situational analysis, it was clear that Scorpio Books is a very small and not very noticeable business. They have very large competitors, and the advertising they use does not leave a lasting impression on consumers. If they advertised to a wider audience then the amount of customers who would be willing to try a different bookstore would increase. It helps that they have a site for online shopping. This would also mean that they would become a larger competitor on the bookstore market. However because the virtual world is taking over the physical, in the future, bookstores everywhere may come across the harsh reality of not being able to sell physical copies of books. These days, the demand for books is still high but, the ever increasing demand of virtual books is growing rapidly. It is recommended that bookstores find a way to still profit from consumers purchasing books through their company name. However, if bookstores go completely virtual, there will be a huge increase in demand for IS or IT users, and many people will need a higher education to just ‘man a bookstore’ or library.

2. Contents Page

Executive SummaryPage 1
Contents PagePage 2
IntroductionPage 3
Situational AnalysisPage 4
Marketing Analysis
Size of the Book Market in New ZealandPage 4
Current Target CustomersPage 4
Buying PatternsPage 5
Competitor Analysis
Competitors Strengths/Weaknesses GridPage 5
Perceptual Map and PositioningPage 8
Source of Competitive AdvantagePage 10
Marco-Environmental Analysis
Political/Legal InfluencesPage 10
Economic InfluencesPage 11
Socio/Cultural InfluencesPage 11
Technological InfluencesPage 11
TOWS AnalysisPage 12
Target MarketPage 14
RecommendationsPage 14
Reference ListPage 15


4. Introduction

Scorpio Books is fairly unknown Bookstore. Before the name ‘Scorpio Books’, it was called ‘Pisces Books’ (Scorpio Books – Online). It was first established 32 years ago, in Christchurch. Although they have had to move from their original spot to a safer one because of the earthquake, last year, that caused considerable structural damage to buildings in certain areas. They provide services to places as high up as Rotorua. They used to sell stock that was 'counter-culture alternative and quite different'(Scorpio Books - Online). However that changed, 22 years ago. For example, only supplying vegan or vegetarian cook books, would be considered a very narrow range. They now supply a wider range of books. Also their catch line "if we don't have it, and it is still in print, we can get it" (Scorpio Books - Online), suggests that they would be willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their customers’ needs. They also have the 'latest collection of fantasy and science fiction in New Zealand' (Scorpio Books - Online). Even though their 'computer database contains over a million titles' (Scorpio Books - Online), so how would going completely virtual affect them? Having a variety of selection is also good in a city like Christchurch, which is full of different types of people, is beneficial because then people that have not much to do could go in and skim through until they find something that will keep them interested. This objective of this report is to distinguish the position of Scorpio Books in the Book market, and it will also be used...
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