2 Business Cases: Market Research Proposal and Positioning Map

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Urtima AB
Main method of investigation should be online questionnaire. Arguments to choose this type of survey: * Quick way to get results
* Cheap
* Easy to analyze
* Various options of visual aids (e.g. diagrams, charts) can be done automatically * Best way for high response rate, especially if possibility to win free gift is offered to the respondents who will fill out the questionnaire (e.g. offer them to win X1 Fitness or other sports accessory) Also personal interviews with key decision makers would be very helpful. Arguments to choose this type of survey: * Respondents who can offer special insight

* It will cost a lot less than traditional face-to-face interviews, because a lot less staff will be needed to carry out surveys, when interviewing only few people * There is no need to motivate respondents, because they are interested in generating more sales

Research Design
Research has to be carried out by sending out online questionnaire (as well as paper version) and interviewing face-to-face key decision makers in the market (managers of leading sport accessory and electronics stores). First method of research would help to identify how the product is perceived by customers, second would help to get some advertisements ideas. Research will be focused on quantitative information, since it is much easier to analyze (especially if there are many respondents). Also there would be some qualitative information involved, mainly to find out about product perception. This project focuses on field research. First of all, paper questionnaires should be sent out to professional athletes, fitness centres and sport equipment/electronics store’s customers to be filled out. At the top of the questionnaire there should be a picture and description of the product. There should be possibility to win a prize mentioned at the top as well, for high response rate. Secondly, links to online questionnaire should be posted to various websites...
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