12 Angry Men

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[Multiple Choice] Question The "ROM" in "CD-ROM" stands for:

Answer 1) Random-Order Memory 2) Real-Object Memory -3) Read-Only Memory 4) Raster-Output Memory 5) Red-Orange Memory [Multiple Choice] Question At one time, the technology that brought the greatest amount of multimedia to the classroom was the: Answer 1) Beta videotape 2) DVD 3) SmartMedia card 4) Broadband connection -5) Laserdisc 2


[Multiple Choice] Question A browser is used to view:

Answer 1) Program codes 2) Storyboards 3) Fonts -4) Web-based pages and documents 5) Videodiscs

[Multiple Choice] Question The software vehicle, the messages, and the content presented on a computer or television screen together make up a(n): Answer -1) Multimedia project 2) CD-ROM 3) Web site 4) Multimedia title 5) Authoring tool


[Multiple Choice] Question The glass fiber cables that make up much of the physical backbone of the data highway are, in many cases, owned by: Answer 1) Local governments 2) Howard Johnson 3) Television networks -4) Railroads and pipeline companies 5) Book publishers


[Multiple Choice] Question A family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles is called a Answer -1) Typeface 2) Font 3) Point 4) Link 5) Node


[Multiple Choice] Question Which of the following is a term that applies to the spacing between character pairs? Answer 1) Leading -2) Kerning 3) Tracking 4) Points 5) Dithering


[Multiple Choice] Question If a DHTML document includes a font face that is not installed on the user's computer, a browser will Answer 1) Automatically download the correct font 2) Refuse to load the page 3) Leave a blank space where that text is 4) Crash -5) Try to substitute the font with a similar font



[Multiple Choice] Question Multimedia becomes interactive multimedia when:

Answer -1) The user has some control over what information is viewed and when it is viewed 2) The information is displayed by a computer with a touchscreen or other input device 3) The information is available on the Web, either the Internet or a Local Area Network 4) Quizzes and tests with evaluations and scoring are included 5) The user can change such attributes as volume and type size

[Multiple Choice] Question The reference from one document to another document, image, sound, or file on the Web is a(n): Answer 1) Sweetspot -2) Anchor 3) Node 4) Tag 5) Button


[Multiple Choice] Question What is a general measurement applied to individual characters called? Answer -1) Character metrics 2) Dots per inch 3) Type faces 4) Character mapping 5) Rasterizing


[Multiple Choice] Question The primary benefit of the General MIDI over the previous MIDI specification is that: Answer 1) The file sizes are much smaller due to the compression scheme 2) Users can easily edit and adjust the data structures 3) It can be easily converted into the CD-ROM/XA format -4) MIDI files can be easily integrated into the computer's operating system as system sounds 5) The instruments are the same regardless of the playback source


[Multiple Choice] Question What happens when an audio signal exceeds the recording device's maximum recording level? Answer 1) The signal is compressed to an appropriate level -2) "Clipping" of the signal occurs, introducing distortion 3) The audio clip is extended to accommodate the extra data 4) The entire clip's volume is reduced correspondingly 5) The extra bits go into a buffer for later use


[Multiple Choice] Question The process of recording a sound, stored in the form of thousands of individual measurements, each at a discrete point in time, is called: Answer -1) Sampling 2) Synthesizing 3) Sizing 4) Quantizing 5) Streaming



[Multiple Choice] Question Audio recorded at 44.1 kHz (kilohertz), 16-bit stereo

is considered: Answer 1) Phone-quality 2) Voice-quality 3) FM -quality -4) CD-quality 5) AM-quality

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