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COM 110
Introduction to Business Information systems Prof. Mohamed Watfa


Time Allowed: 1.5 Hours Total Number of Questions: 25 Total Number of Pages (incl. this page): 9

1. 2. Total marks: 100 Answer ALL questions from parts 1 and 2. Part 1 contains 20 questions for a total of 20 points. Part 2 contains 4 essay questions for a total of 60 points. Part 3 contains a short case study and is worth 20 points. This exam is worth 25% of your final grade for COM 110.



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PART I (MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS) 20 Questions, 1 pt/Question, 20 Points Total Instructions: Circle the correct answer in the following Multiple Choice Questions. Each question is worth 1 point for a total of 20 points. 1) The keyboard and monitor are an example of which of the five components? A) Hardware B) Software C) Procedures D) Data

2) The five-component framework is symmetrical in design. The two outermost components are: A) hardware and software B) data and software C) people and procedures D) people and hardware

3) Inventions, standards, and products are examples of ________. A) information systems B) methods C) information technology D) hardware systems

4) Which of the following is NOT part of the network that comprises business processes? A) Systems B) Activities C) Facilities D) Resources

5) Business processes are ________. A) resources B) inventory management C) systems D) functions

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6) Which of the following is not a characteristic of good information? A) Freely available B) Accurately relayed C) Produced in time D) Contextually relevant 7) Information is defined as: A) data B) data and related activities C) systems produced from data D) knowledge derived from data 8) ________ computers are used for word processing. A) Client B) Server C) Private D) Public

9) A collection of servers called a ________ coordinates the activities of hundreds of users. A) Web farm B) collective C) server farm D) server station 10) ________ are commands that CPU can process, and may be specific for each processor type. A) Instruction sets B) Operating systems C) Application software D) Vertical-market applications

11) ________ software consists of programs that perform specific business functions like general ledger and accounting. A) Client B) Instruction set C) Operating system D) Application 12) ________ software is installed in special, read-only memory in devices like printers or communication devices. A) Firmware B) Application C) Vertical-market D) Horizontal-market Page 3 of 9

13) ________ attach themselves to documents. When the document is opened, it burrows into the startup files of an application, and attaches itself to every file created by the application. A) Trojan horse B) Macro virus C) worm D) patch 14) An organization's goals are determined by its ________. A) competitive strategy B) objectives C) five forces D) industry structure 15) Which of the following is one of the three principles of product implementation for a competitive advantage? A) Differentiation of services B) Lock in customers C) Reduce costs D) Establish alliances 16) Which of the following is an activity of information systems in terms of being a competitive factors? A) Enhancing existing products B) Differentiating service C) Locks in customers D) All of the above 17) Database developers use the ________ to create relationships in the database. A) DBMS B) metadata C) rows D) columns 18) Which of the following is a DBMS product from Microsoft? A) SQL Server B) MySQL C) DB2 D) MicrosoftSQL 19) ________ is a popular enterprise DBMS A) DB2 B) Access C) dBase D) FoxPro 20) Which of the following is NOT a component of a database...
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