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Star Ambulance


If I was given the task of determining the mission statement, I would include the use of the words people and technology in the mission, since it appears STARS need skilled and dedicated staff to achieve their goal. They also plan to replace their current fleet of helicopters for faster and longer range coverage of their service. The mission statement could be as follows:

Providing a safe, rapid , highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured , through the best people and cutting edge technology.

If STARS manage to provide these services to cover the whole state of ALBERTA, then the mission statement could also cover the scope of its geographic operations.

It is very important that the information system is well managed because:

* Information increases flexibility with regard to how, when and where resources may be utilized to achieve strategic advantage for the organization.

* Enhanced information exchange facilitates collaboration and redefines relationships between an organization, employees, suppliers and the public at large.

* Managers will use it to better manage resources towards achieving goals through human resource in an organization.

IS is therefore the thread that links the organization’s activities into an integrated process

Based on my analysis, it can be seen that there is no coherent IS strategy in STARS because from the 72 page STARS Critical, Strategic and Operation Plan, only a single paragraph of IS was mentioned and the STARS organization structure appeared to lack executive level IT representation until the new CIO was recruited.

The IS initiatives in the organization appear to be badly managed by consultants who:

* overcharge the organization for menial tasks such as changing passwords or fixing printers

* in one case, did not provide a timeline for a project.

* Did not follow procedures of providing quotations before commencing work.

Additionally, the new CIO’s predecessor was doing outside consulting assignments and did not appear to fully focus on the IS job in hand.

It also appears that there are several tasks that have been setup historically for whatever reason that could be streamlined and perhaps centralized for better control by the IS department. Most IS projects seemed to be purely reactive in nature, without little forethought and planning.

Hence a complete review of architecture, configuration, maintenance and administration of the entire STARS network will be needed, that would have an impact on STARS current and future operations and decision making processes.

In an organization, more than 80% of an organization’s business content is semistructured or unstructured, hence business value of improved decision making will help Improve hundreds of thousands of “small” decisions which then adds up to large annual value for the business . The types of decisions could include unstructured decisions where the decision maker must provide judgment, evaluation, and insight to solve problems. It will also include structured decisions where repetitive and routine decisions are made involving a definite procedure for handling so they do not have to be treated each time as new.

It appears therefore that STARS will need to build a knowledge management system, which will include the following aspects:

* Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems. These are general-purpose firm-wide efforts to collect, store, distribute, and apply digital content and knowledge,

* Knowledge work systems (KWS). These are specialized systems built for helicopter pilots, nurses, paramedics and other professionals such experts in clinical operations, aviation, engineering, communications, disaster preparedness and base operations which comprised the STAR Air Ambulance service ( Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society.

* Intelligent techniques. These are diverse group of...
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