Where's the Money?

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Friday, December 14, 2012

I have been conducting some research regarding the topic of donation money and where it really goes with the Canadian Cancer Society, and I have found some information that is quite alarming. The Canadian Cancer Society is stuck in a brutal cycle, advertising to make money and spending that money to continue advertising; their purpose is forgotten, research money for cancer. You spend over half of the money on ads and programs, and this has to end. You spend about 60% of the donation money on programs or advertisements for their programs, and that miserable 30% goes to actual research. This is not enough money to give scientists who are in desperate need of expensive equipment and technology to cure cancer once and for all. The Canadian Cancer Society needs to start cutting back on the funds for advertisements and running events so you can actually put your money to a good cause instead of just saying they will. The Canadian Cancer Society Lottery has made a substantial amount of money but the prizes given out to people are not donated to them. Instead the Cancer Society pays for the prizes themselves using the money from ticket sales. You show all the prizes and the prices on the lottery website but those prices have been proven to be untrue. As well, the amount of money the Canadian Cancer Society makes each year is substantial and, at first, you were doing very well with making sure that majority of donations actually went to research. Now that is not the case. You instead put it towards programs and advertisements that are unnecessary and almost heart breaking. In this letter, I will address the following; the amount of money that the Canadian Cancer Society lottery makes but where the money is actually going instead of where it should be going, and the financial statements of the Canadian Cancer Society and all their purchases. The Canadian Cancer Society makes plenty of money in donations each year for research to find...
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