The American Lung Association

Topics: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Non-profit organization, Asthma Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: December 10, 2011
The American Lung Association
“The American Lung Association has been in existence for over 100 years. It is the America’s oldest volunteer health organization founded in 1904, as the National Association for the study and prevention of tuberculosis. It operates through a network of about 200 local offices across the United States as well as Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands.” (

The American Lung Association’s goals are to eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related lung disease, improve the air we breathe so it will not cause or worsen lung disease, and to reduce the burden of the lung disease on patients and their families. The American Lung Association is a non-profit service organization that funds research; develops public education materials, sponsors conferences, and lobbies for legislation. Some challenges that the organization face a in the global economy are combating smoking, the ever-growing incidence of asthma, a global resurgence of tuberculosis, and the continuing need to educate people about the dangers of smoking and air pollution. “As of 2000, the number of asthma cases in the U. S. had grown to around 26 million, and this number is expected to grow over the next twenty years.” (The History of American Lung Association).

The American Lung Association practices good business ethics as they provide annual reports to the public to show how donations, grants, and fundraising contributions are used to help fight lung diseases, control ail pollution, asthma, combat tobacco use, and fund research and education nationwide. The internet is a vital tool for the organization to raise public awareness. It is essential to the American Lung Association’s mission that the American public, the media, and opinion leaders be kept aware of all their efforts and champions of lung health. Also, the American Lung Association is using the internet to spread the word about their signature reports through their Facebook and Twitter...
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