Uniqlo Assessment Presentation and Project Report Environmental Analysis Apparel Brand Management

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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UNIQLO was a Japanese apparel brand under UNIQLO Co., Ltd established in 1974. They offered “MADE FOR ALL” high quality causal wear at competitive price. The firm had earned a huge success and high reputation. They were starting online businesses in 2000 and stepped forward outside Japan, in 2001 opening their first oversea outlets in London UK. As international brand, UNIQLO set up their design studio for own products development next year. As of August 2011, UNIQLO international had 181 stores including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, France and Russia, Japan had 843 stores, totally 1,024 stores in worldwide.

There are at least 5 major factors of macro-environment that will impact the apparel brand management of UNIQLO. Political / Legal

Previously most of the UNIQLO’s products were made in China but in year 2008, China had set up a new Labor law to protect the labors against wage default, forced labor and also strengthen China’s economic, the new law also requires employers to contribute to employee’s social account and sets standard wages for employees on probation or overtime. If any employers fail to conclude a contract against the law, the employers need to pay the workers double amount of his monthly salary back dated the first working day of the worker. In a result the labor law of 2008 would have meant bigger redundancy payment and higher operation cost for production.

Introduction to Marketing @ SCOPE (CityU)


Demographic – Focus on Women’s clothing Market
“LOVE BEAUTY” is women’s nature. Women are willing to spend their whole life and money in pursuit of beauty. Absolutely, women’s clothing is a key account in apparel market. However, UNIQLO’s market share of women’s clothing (47.6%) is nearly close with men’s clothing (41.3%). Therefore, UNIQLO aims to win female customers of all ages by offering a reasonably price, product development.

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