Product Life Cycle Management and Young People

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Part 2NIQLO’s online store offers the full range
Products are clearly laid out across the screen with various different links to specified clothes that a customer may want. There are two main sections for women and men and it will direct u to their selections for both genders and is very simplified and easy to use. Everything is very simple and there are three colours used (white, red and black) primarily white showing it is plain which relates to their plain and casual style they are aiming for and makes the customer feel at ease. Uniqlo’s known for simple clothing at a high standard. Everyone needs simple clothes and they will always have buyers for simple plain clothes that everyone will need. There online highlights there usp by the plain colours and plain outlook of the site which reinforces there casual brand. They use models such as Orlando bloom who is a well known movie star to model their clothes and are on the forefront of their sight. This makes people more likely to like their products and highlights there plain brand as a high quality brand that people can afford. Orlando bloom showing of uniqlo’s own brand in its casual ordinary man looks. Ordinary men will look at this or maybe wives and think that they should get it or buy it for there husband as if the quality’s good enough for Orlando bloom then its good enough for them. It will make the customer know there product is high quality and is worth the low prices

position on the product life cycle

Stage Characteristics 1. Market introduction stage
1. costs are very high
2. slow sales volumes to start
3. little or no competition
4. demand has to be created
5. customers have to be prompted to try the product
6. makes no money at this stage
2. Growth stage
1. costs reduced due to economies of scale
2. sales volume increases significantly
3. profitability begins to rise
4. public awareness increases
5. competition begins to increase with a few new players in establishing market 6. increased competition leads to price decreases
3. Maturity stage
1. costs are lowered as a result of production volumes increasing and experience curve effects 2. sales volume peaks and market saturation is reached
3. increase in competitors entering the market
4. prices tend to drop due to the proliferation of competing products 5. brand differentiation and feature diversification is emphasized to maintain or increase market share 6. Industrial profits go down

4. Saturation and decline stage
1. costs become counter-optimal
2. sales volume decline or stabilize
3. prices, profitability diminish
4. profit becomes more a challenge of production/distribution efficiency than increased sales Uniqlo are in to the growth stage and having their internet presence helps them gain customers threw multi media. They came from the japans market and will take a while yet to adapt to the British market which is a slump and is damaged by the recession but growth is the stage therein and are hoping to become a mature brand and take the place of the multi-national company gap that look at the fear of decline. This may open the gap in the market for uniqlo who could grow heavily as gap declines and loses sales. Price

They use various internet price strategies to influence people to spend.

They offer free delivery to customers who spend over 40 pounds which is an incentive to use the online service and not go to the shop as it delivered to them reducing effort .in comparison to gaps banner of the delivery terms uniqlo’s portraits itself on top offering their customers a better deal on their delivery and this may make people choose uniqlo as may think that the cant choose between two similar products but if they buy at uniqlo they will save money on their delivery Pricing details and delivery terms

 Standard delivery 3-5 working days: £3.95(Free when you spend £40 or more.) the incentive to spend...
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