Ubd Lesson Plan for Mthematics 2

Topics: Addition, Subtraction, Integer Pages: 7 (1001 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Mangaldan National High School
Lesson Exemplar in Intermediate Algebra
General Statement
Quarter 3Radical Expressions and EquationsTopicAddition and Subtraction of Radical ExpressionsTime Frame1 day Stage 1: Results/Outcomes
Content Standard:
The learner demonstrates understanding of the concepts of addition and subtraction of radical expressions.Performance Standard: The learner can add and subtract radicals.
Essential Understanding:
Understanding addition and subtraction of radicalsEssential Question:
How do we add and subtract radicals?
The learner will know:
similar radicals
addition of radical expressions
subtraction of radical expressionsThe learner will be able to:
add and subtract radical expressions
Stage 2: Assessment
Product/Performance Task
problems involving addition and subtraction of radicalsEvidence at the level of understanding: The learner should be able to demonstrate understanding of adding and subtracting radical expressions.Evidence at the level of Performance Assessment of portfolio based on the following suggested criteria:

real life problem
problems involving angles
problems are solve using a variety of strategy
Stage 3: Learning Plan
Teaching/Learning Plan

Teacher’s Activity

A. Explore
Activity 1:
Directions: Simplify each of the following:
2a + 8a = __________________
8p + (-4p) = ________________
-14b + (-5b) = ______________
-17x + (-5x) = ______________
-10x – (-6x) = ______________
-21t + 17t = ________________
-8m + 12m + 4m = _________
-19x + 12x – 3x = __________
6x + 4y -3x + 9y = __________
15a - 8b + 3a – 7b = ________

How are the given expressions combined?

Activity 3: Comparison and Contrast


What can you observe in Set A?
How about Set B?
What do you call those radicals in Set A?
How about in Set B?

Based on the examples on Set A, how would you describe similar radicals?

Activity 4: Review on Simplifying Radicals

√(27 ) and √12
√4x and √9x

What can you notice on our examples?

Is it possible to make the similar radicals?

How are we going to make these radicals similar?

√(27 ) and √12

What factors of 27 and 12 could be used to make them similar radicals? Who will simplify √27 and √12?

√4x and √9x

What factors of 4x and 9x could be used to make them similar radicals? Who will simplify it?

B. Firm Up
Activity 5:
Directions: The following show how expressions containing radicals are combined. Use these in answering the questions that follow.

4√3 + 7√3 = (4+7) √3 =11√3
5 ∛4m + 9∛4m=(5+9) ∛4m=14 ∛4m
10∜5 - 7∜5 =(10-3)∜(5 )=3∜5
15 √(5&29) - 6√(5&29) =(15-6)√(5&29) =9√(5&29)
12∛m + 5∛n - 7∛m + 6∛n=(12-7)∛m)+(5+6)∛n=5∛m + 11∛n
16√x+7∛x-5√x+2∛x=(16-5) √x + (7+2) ∛x =11√x+9∛x Questions:
What kind of radicals are given in each item?

Based on our previous activity, are there any similarities or differences in adding and subtracting polynomials and adding and subtracting expressions containing radicals?

How is addition and subtraction of expressions containing radicals similar with or different from addition or subtraction of polynomials?

How are radicals added and subtracted?

Activity 6: Quiz Bee

The class will be divided into 5 groups.
Each group will have a cardboard and chalk.
Students are going to identify if the given radicals can be combine or not.
Students will write C if it can be combined, then their answer. They will write NC if it cannot be combined.

5∛2+8∛2 5∜2+8∛2= ______________
5∜2+8∛2= ______________
5∛7+8∛9= ______________
15∜3m+8∜3n= ______________
2a∜2-∜(〖2a〗^4 )=______________
√18+√32= ______________
5√25+7√16= ______________

C. Deepen
Activity 7

Directions: Answer each of the following....
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