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Topics: Learning, Drafting, Completeness Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Lesson Plan Date: Time: 2 Hours Topic: Application Forms Location Group No. In Class:

Lesson Aims To introduce methods of effective application form completion. To develop learner writing skills and ability to independently complete standard style application forms. Lesson Outcomes By the end of the training session learners will demonstrate the following skills: 1. To draft answers to extended application form questions. 2. To complete a generic application form. 3. To write about themselves in a positive manner. Assessment Methods 1. Written 2. Written 3. Written Materials / Equipment Whiteboard & Markers (Whiteboard Plan attached) $ Application form (available from - Jobsearch Downloads / Templates) 2 $ copies per learner. Previous Knowledge Assumed Learners will know what an application form is and its purpose. Learners will have the ability to write basic information about themselves such as Name / Address / Age etc Additional Support / Differentiation Lower level learners will only complete PERSONAL INFORMATION / PREVIOUS JOBS & QUALIFICATION sections of the application form. Lower levels will be encouraged to work as a group to promote peer tutoring. Support will also be provided by the tutor. Higher level learners will complete entire application form. Language development and challenges will be set by tutor at drafting stage and independent writing activity. Learners will be encouraged to use a dictionary / thesaurus to promote independent study skills.

Curric Ref.

Time (min) 5 min

Stage / Topic Introduction

Tutor Activity Introduce topic, lesson aims & objectives. Write up. Elicit purpose of application forms. When have learners completed application forms Elicit information that application forms ask for. Write up on the board mind map Explain task. Learners will complete a draft copy of an application form. Provide support and assistance with drafts. Discuss areas of form learners found difficult, in each level group-...
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