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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Liberty University’s Standard Instructions

Lesson Plan #__: __________

|Teacher Candidate: xxx |Course: xxx | |LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] | |Topic: 5 Senses |Concept: Smell | |Subject: Guided Reading |Grade: Third Grade | |State Standard SOL/ASOL:K.2 / S-SI 2 Five Senses | |Essential Knowledge: ID and describe the 5 Senses, each sensing organ, and match sensory descriptors with the senses | |SOL2.10/ASOL 3E-RW3 a) The students will recognize that books have titles | |c) demonstrate comprehension of information in reference materials by using pictures | |National Standard | |Standard 3 Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend , interpret, evaluate and appreciate text. | |Primary Objective | |After reading , discussing the story “What Can My Nose Smell”, and completeing hands on activities, all students will demonstrate their | |understanding and insight by completeing a worksheet with 80 % accuracy. | |Classroom Diversity and Differentiated Instruction | |Group 1 consisting of 3 students will read a (Development Reading Assessment)DRA level 3 book about Smell. Students will use pencils to wite | |their ideas on the worksheet to encourage their thinking process, and the ability to connect their thoughts with the written language. | |Group 2 consisting of 2 students will read a DRA level1 book about the Smell. Students will use picture visuals to express their thoughts and | |to allow to actively participate in the activity. | |Materials/Equipment | |Sented markers | |Glue and pencils | |Individual picture cards | |Worksheet | |Teacher big book | |Materials for theFive Sense Face avtivty: | |jingle bells for ears, | |sandpaper for hands,...
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