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DAVE TOURS & TRAVELS Duniya ki sair kar lo 16/02/2013

 Executive summary
At Dave Travels (India), we are specializing in designer tours for individuals, groups, corporate, and Wildlife Tours in North & central India. So far we served over hundreds of groups and Foreign Individual Travelers from around the world. Our Years of Experience & wide range of travel services ensures a comfortable and enjoyable tour to Agra .The tour packages offered by us have been designed so as to get the best return for time and money spent, apart from providing comfort and ease of traveling. To travel with Dave Travels (India) you will be grantee a holiday that you will come away with knowing the people of India and other foreign countries and their culture and the history of those lands. With the personal touches only Dave Travels (India) can give you to your experience. Come behind the streets of the main cities of India as Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Jaipur and Agra to name a few where you will feel the life pulse of the city you visit with its culture and people freely open to you. You will stay at quality accommodations that cater for Indian as well as tourist.

To be the company of choice for all travel related services to both Corporate and Individual customers through relentless focus on Professionalism, Efficient service and Customer satisfaction.

 Mission
The mission of Dave Travel & Tours, Inc. is to be the leading travel and related services company of choice, providing premier services and innovative options to all customers.

 Market Summary
India represents one of the most potential tourism markets in the world. Tourism today is the most vibrant tertiary activity and a multi-billion industry in India. Traditionally known largely for its historical and cultural dimensions, tourism today is highlighted for its immense business opportunities. With its lucrative linkages with transport, hotel industry etc., the potential and performance of India’s tourism industry needs to be gauged in terms of its socio-economic magnitudes. Tourism is an important catalyst in the socio-economic development in the modern times, contributing in multiple ways and strengthen the interconnected processes.

 Market Needs
DAVE TOURS is providing its customers with a wide selection of hard adventure trips for wealthy clients. Virtually all companies that provide "hard" adventure activities appeal to a lower income client. Companies that appeal to a wealthier clientele generally provide "soft" adventure packages. Hard adventure activities involve difficult physical requirements. DAVE TOURS seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers.   

Selection: A wide selection of different hard adventure trips. Accessibility: The customer can be located anywhere as long as they have access to an airport. Customer attention: The patron will be impressed with the level of personal attention that they receive.

Competitive prices: Although Dave tours is priced at the top of the market, providing a luxury service with prestige value, Dave tours will be priced competitively with the few other high-end service providers

 Market trends
The travel industry is in an upward growth mode. Tourism industry is a fast developing sector for the economy worldwide. Statistical data suggests that the tourism industry in the global scenario makes up 11% of GDP. Tourism industry trends also suggest that as many as 200 million people are engaged worldwide in the tourism industry. Statistical data opine that as many as 700 million travelers travel to international places annually. Several other industries which are in some way related to the tourism industry is doing pretty well. With every passing day, with the advent of latest technologies and reaching out to people becoming is a child's play. Importance of bettering relationships with the neighboring countries, establishing newer networks across the globe...
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