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Paul Belanger | Project Management Skills Development | February 12, 2013 Paul Belanger | Project Management Skills Development | February 12, 2013 Week 3 Assignment
Internet exercise - travelers
Week 3 Assignment
Internet exercise - travelers

While examining Travelers Insurance I was quite intrigued as to how well the company follows the seven people-centered practices of successful companies. Managers would need to possess a wide variety of skills to create a positive workplace environment. I see many ways how managers of this firm could improve the supervision of their subordinates by developing trust and setting clear goals and priorities. The company is one of the largest property casualty companies and I could see why one would be interested in working for Travelers. Travelers emphasizes people-centered practices within their company. The Company has over 30,000 employees and has been in the industry for over 150 years. During the recruiting process you’ll be asked to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities through behavioral-based interview process which allows Travelers to select the right candidates. Travelers has a strong commitment to learning as the company offers numerous professional opportunities, including mentoring programs, courses, training, and internal movement. The company Values creative thinking and problem solving and employees are encouraged to look for ways to leave their own personal stamp on people and projects. Travelers’ compensation programs are designed to attract, motivate, and retain employees. While they offer base pay they also encourage pay for performance with variable compensation (bonus or rewards and recognition). The culture is team orientated. For Travelers, TEAM stands for trust, empowerment, accountability and management of one’s area of responsibility. The company does a great job of keeping their employees will informed. Earning reports are easily accessible on the company’s website making...
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