Total Quality Management

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Total ……

Quality…… Management……
Presentation slides by Dr Anjan Ghosh ….. ……VP-TQM Exide

SXC-Logistics & Supply Chain Management March -April 2013

External Developments in last 40 years that has changed the Business Environment • Customers have taken charge – buyers market , diverse customer requirements • Competition intensified – no more monopolies , level-playing fields

• Shifts in industrial zones – products made & sold globally , no specific place • Changes in customer & supplier relationships – they are part of organisation now • Environmental concerns – products & processes have to be environment friendly • Rapid changes in technology – threat & opportunity of becoming obsolete • Globalisation , Liberilisation, Govt. policies – new ways of global business This means • Change coming with ever increasing requirements • Change becoming more complex • The degree of change is changing- becoming faster

Hence new ways of doing global business has to be evolved

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Why TQM ?
Is it a short term fad …… or a long term strategic necessity ?

External Developments …. ….. reshaping our lives …… restructuring organisations ……..redefining requirement parameters Change is a constant ……… ………………getting more complex ………………..becoming faster ….accelerating …………………uncertainty ….. diversity … variability Managing & Adapting to change is critical for organisation survival

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Coping Successfully with External Developments depends on The Organisational Characteristics

External Developments

Adaptability for survival
Organisational Characteristics will determine success or failure

TQM helps organisations to adapt continuously to these changes and sustain their performance by reshaping their strategies , improving the culture and improving systems and processes

•Vision & Strategy •Structure & Functions •People & Culture •Systems & Processes

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

What is Quality ? Some common parameters
• long life , durability • reliability • fitness for use • zero defects • performance as per specifications • customer satisfaction etc • Genichi Taguchi’s definition of Quality – a revolutionary concept of ”Loss Function” • loss to society – more the loss , less the quality The Japanese Bullet Train is considered to be an example of excellent Quality . But according to the Taguchi Loss Function it may not be so as there are many losses to society such as farmland depletion , high cost , high energy need etc that may not justify the advantage of time saving…

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

ISO-9000 definition of quality “ degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements” The requirements are of customers .There are millions of customers with their individual needs and requirements . The more the requirements fulfilled the higher is the perception of quality .

Is Quality absolute ?
It is not absolute . It depends on each person .It depends on country , culture , time etc . What we may have called high quality 20 years back may be low quality now . So it is relative . But there are some common factors regarding quality that are more or less constant eg .performance , durability , reliability etc …..

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

What is a Product ?
Product -

( as per ISO 9000 definition )

Services (eg. Transport, hospital) Software (eg. Computer program, dictionary) Hardware (eg., chair, spark plug) Processed material (eg. Lubricant, cement)

Who is a customer ?
Customer Uses the product ( consumers , end-users ) Distributes the product ( wholesellers , dealers ) Influences others about the product

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Who are our internal customers ?
The next person / dept. impacted by our product or service is our internal customer . Eg production dept. is the internal customer of stores dept. The Despatch dept. is the internal customer of production dept.

Satisfying internal customers leads to...
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