To What Extent Did Events in the Final Year of Wwii Turn Wartime Allies in Cold War Enemies? Outline

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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To what extent did events in the final year of WWII turn wartime Allies in Cold War enemies? Yi Introduction
* Describe briefly the events in the final year of WWII in 1945 * Russo-American relations in 1945
Agreement that the final year of WWII caused hostility between USA and USSR in Cold War Potsdam conference
* Churchill’s suspicions on Stalin
* Not agreed on how to disarm, demilitarize, de-Nazify and divide Germany * Truman’s hard line on Eastern European affairs
* Truman’s suspicion on Poland’s government predominantly controlled by Lublin Poles Atomic bomb on Japan
* USA refused to share technology with USSR
Death of Roosevelt in April 1945,
* Truman is more suspicious about Stalin
Red Army in Poland and Eastern Europe
* USA becomes suspicious on Stalin’s view of “free elections”

Disagreement that the final year of WWII caused hostility between USA and USSR in Cold War Long Term
Different ideology of USA and USSR, both factions believed that their systems worked best * Economic, political and social differences
* Great Contest suggested by Deutscher – conflict between two rival social systems that started as soon the Bolsheviks rose to power after the November 1917 Revolution Bolshevik revolution
* Riga Axioms resulted from this revolution because USA was suspicious on USSR’s European influence, USA was already sceptical about USSR’s proletariat revolution * Howard Roffman suggested that the Cold War started “from the very moment the Bolsheviks triumphed in Russia in 1917” Short Term

USSR’s pacts with Germany
* Nazi Soviet Pact (1939) arose suspicion in the USA, the state was not sure on USSR’s trustworthiness Stalin’s decision in Poland regarding the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he suspiciously intervened lately to establish order between the Polish rebels and Nazi army. * Arose suspicion in the USA

Historical Views

Orthodox historians believed that a Marxist...
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