The American History Reading Assignments

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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AP US History Reading Assignments and 1 pg. Responses
* Questions are DUE on the stated day and will not be accepted late (after the exam to which they refer) * Wednesday March 30
* Ch. 36 p. 852-868
* What were the immediate conflicts and deeper causes that led the U.S. and the Soviet Union to go from being allies to bitter Cold War rivals? OR
* Why did WWII-unlike WWI lead to a permanent end to American isolationism? * Thursday March 31
* Ch. 36 p. 868-879
* Examine the importance of the Marshall Plan. How did this impact Europe? Discuss the pros and cons to such a plan and imagine what would have happened without this economic recovery plan. * Friday April 1

* Ch. 37 p. 882-890
* In what ways was the Eisenhower Era a time of caution and conservatism, and in what way was it a time of dynamic economic, social, and cultural change? * Monday April 4
* Ch. 37 p. 890-902
* What were the dynamics of the Cold War with the Soviet Union in the 1950s and how did Eisenhower and Khrushchev combine confrontation and conservation in their relationship? AND
* How did the TV and other innovations of the “consumer age” affect American politics, society, and culture in the 1950s? * Tuesday April 5
* Ch. 37 p. 902-908
* Argue for or against: American politics, society, and culture in the 1950s were all stagnant and narrow, and did not address the real social problems facing the country. * Wednesday April 6

* Unit 12 Exam Ch. 34-37
* Thursday April 7
* Ch. 38 p. 909-916
* What led the U.S. to become so deeply involved in the Vietnam War? Why did the Vietnam War and the domestic opposition to it, come to dominate American politics in the 1960s? * Friday April 8

* Ch. 38 p. 916-927
* Would the 1960s have unfolded in substantially different ways had President Kennedy not been assassinated? What political strengths...