Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, Eastern Bloc Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: February 22, 2013
How far were ideological differences responsible for the growing hostility of US policy towards the Soviet Union 1944-46?

As the war drew to a defeat of Germany, the question of who would be the main world power was arising. There were two superpowers – The United States and The USSR as both of those countries had the largest powerful army. Both countries were fighting together against Nazi Germany, however there were clear ideological differences between them. On one side there was the Capitalist US and on the other the Communist Soviet Union. But was ideology the only reason that led to the growing hostility of US policy towards Soviet Union? No, Stalin had particular ideas in mind which had nothing to do with the ideologies. However, differences in the way of life also played the deciding role.

In 1917 the Russian Revolution changed the government system in Russia, and communism took control in USSR. The idea was that everyone is equal and there was no divide between individuals. The USA believed in democracy and market forces, which meant that each person has freedom of choice, but there was a visible divide in society into rich and poor. They saw Soviet Communism as a threat to their way of life, therefore this caused conflict. The mistrust between the USA and the USSR was great, as the west feared the start of world revolution.

However, Stalin used communism to maintain his own power. And Stalin wanted to expand the Soviet Union by creating communist regimes in European countries. Towards the end of the war the West increasingly feared his ambitions. As the war progressed, The USSR and their Red Army were becoming more powerful in Europe. They used force to liberate the countries, such as Hungary and Romania. This created two spheres of influence – Soviet Bloc and Western Bloc. This led to the division of two powers, which in the future would cause conflicts. The Soviet Union took control in Poland in 1944 by creating The Committee of National...
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