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Topics: Domestic violence, Feminism, Violence against women Pages: 65 (3812 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Research Essay (Posted 4 March 2013)

Deadline 19 April 2013, 2400 hours (for both hard and soft copies)

Question 1a Question 1b Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Question 7 Question 8

Lecture: ‘Marriage: A Precarious Endeavor’ Lecture: ‘Transformations to Marital Patterns in the Global Context’ Lecture: ‘Gender Equality: The Case of Hong Kong’ Lecture: ‘Domestic Violence, Past and Present & The Situation in Hong Kong’ Presentation: Gender, Violence & Masculinity Seminar: ‘Equality for Sexual Minorities in Hong Kong: Past and Present’ Website: ‘End Patriarchy Now!’ Proposal-writing: on Women’s Leadership Advocacy paper on Sexual violence against women in India

Question 9 Briefing paper on ‘Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong: Issues & vulnerabilities’

Questions 1-5: You have been invited to your high school to give a one-hour lecture. Write up your lecture/seminar/presentation notes (3000 words). The objective is that by the end of your lecture, high school students will be able to understand the background/context as well as current developments in the subject matter. Question 6: Do not set up a website. Write up the content and organize your essay according to the information that will be presented on each ‘web page’ using subheadings. Provide links to other organizations and websites. Question 7: State the goals/objectives, explain why the project is important, what are the expected outcomes, activities, timelines and budgets involved. Also explain how the project can be evaluated in terms of its success in achieving the stated goals/objectives. Question 8: At the end or latter half of the paper, you will need to include Recommendations for action that addresses different levels of need (for structural reforms). Question 9: You need to discuss the issues in HK and also contextualise these within/with reference to the framework of rights embodied in international conventions.

Refer to the Suggested Readings (extra resources) provided for the relevant topics.

QUESTIONS 1. Marriage: Give a lecture titled, ‘Marriage: A Precarious Endeavor’, which gives the background to the rise in divorces in one specific country (e.g. China) and explain sociologically, the reasons for this phenomenon, including the changing values and expectations of intimate relationships. Compare this against another country or in the global context. Or you may prepare a lecture on: ‘Transformations to Marital Patterns in the Global Context’. See, changes to marriage patterns in Singapore & Nepal, Appendix 1. 2. Gender: The title of your lecture is, ‘Gender Equality: The Case of Hong Kong’. In this lecture, you will first give an overview of developments in gender equality in other parts of the world and the development of international agreements (e.g. CEDAW, UN Declaration of Human Rights) on the rights of women. You will then present the case of Hong Kong in terms of women’s socio-economic and political status in relation to men. 3. Domestic violence: Perceptions, attitudes and tolerance towards to domestic violence have changed dramatically in different parts of the world. Prepare a lecture titled, ‘Domestic Violence, Past and Present & The Situation in Hong Kong’. [You may focus on another country, give reasons why you chose that particular country]. 4. Gender, Violence & Masculinity: You will be speaking to an all-boys high school in Hong Kong about what you have learnt of the connections between patriarchy, male domination, male violence and masculinity. The objective of your lecture is to help young males identify forms of anti-social behavior embedded in relations with one another and with females in general; and ways to understand and address these forms of behavior (or attitudes). See readings for Lecture on Gender & Violence, and also materials on ‘sexism and language’ in the HKU library. Give your presentation a title. 5. Sexuality: A group from the International Organization for the Equality of...
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