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Topics: Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis Pages: 4 (1729 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Forrest Gump

Maintaining a positive attitude throughout life even with all complications one may run into gets them further than a negative one. People often let the smallest things get them down when it could be so much worse. The movie Forrest Gump proved that even with all the struggles this character has to face he still manages to be successful and happy every step of the way.

The role of the character Forrest Gump was played by the outstanding actor Tom Hanks (who won an oscar for best actor in this movie). Forrest was an only child who lived with his mother in Green Bow, Alabama and his father was never in the picture. Forrest was courageous, kindhearted and highly determined. His mother taught him his ways and even though Forrest only had an IQ of 75, she reassured him that he was no different than anyone else. Forrest’s mother loved him immensely. She would have gone to the end of the earth to provide the best for him, which explains her reasoning for sleeping with the principal of the public grade school just to get him accepted considering he was denied because of his low IQ. On Forrest’s first day of school he had met his soon to be one and only friend he’d ever have throughout his entire school career. Someone who accepted him for who he was and someone Forrest stated to be like an angel, her name was Jenny. Forrest claimed that ever since that day he and Jenny were like peas and carrots. Jenny had two major problems of her own: an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who passed away when Jenny was at a young age. Jenny stuck up for Forrest every chance she got because he was bullied quite often for being slower than everyone else. One day Forrest and Jenny were walking home when a few children antagonized him for being different and did so until he was chased after and all Jenny could do was watch and scream her famous line, “Run Forrest, Run!” This moment was when Forrest discovered his passion for running but he hadn’t yet...
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