Critical Review of Training in Project Management

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Outline of My AMP Report/Research Proposal

Assessment 1

Business Research Methods

Abeer Manzoor
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Table of Contents

Out line of Research Proposal3
Research Question:3
Aims and objectives:3
Research Approach:4
Literature Review:5
Summary of related journals and articles5
Details of Articles5
Expected Result8

Outline of Research Proposal
Importance and need of ‘Soft Skills’ element and its equation with time and cost in Project Management Introduction:
Project Management is generally considered as the utilization of time, cost and resources to complete the project and project management skills are generally taken as set of technical skills such as creating a Gant chart, work breakdown structure, finding critical path, resource allocation, risk management and splitting up a complex project etc. But In many cases, project managers generally ignore and overlook the importance of ‘soft skills’ or ‘people skills’ e.g. (influencing, communication, team management, delegating and motivating). As projects are run and delivered by people so people skills can make a huge difference to successful completion of a project. This research is to find out that how any project (large or small) can be a greater success if the project manager is trained in soft skills or micro social skills and how project can be suffered by ignoring these essential skills. Research Question:

How vital is the role of soft/people skills in the successfulness of projects within a wide range of sectors, and is it imperative for project managers to acquire these skills? Aims and objectives:

Aims and objective of this report will identify ‘soft skills’/ ‘micro-social skill’ the often overlooked element in project management. This report will answer my above mentioned research question by working on these objectives. * Soft skills are as important as hard skills to make any project a success * Benefits of soft skills for any project’s sustainability * Need and necessity of acquiring soft skills for a project manager * To look at the relationship between the implementation of soft skills within the different sectors (e.g. IT, Engineering and Hospitality), and identify similarities and differences Research Approach:

As my research question demands a vast and comprehensive study on soft skills and their impact in various sectors of project management so I would like to divide my topic into three parts 1. My first part of research would be to analyze soft skills, types of soft skills and their importance in project management. 2. Second area of discussion would be that how these skills can be enhanced and developed in team and why these skills are so essential for project managers to acquire? 3. Final part of my research would be the implementation of soft skills and their relationship within various sectors to identify similarities and differences that how these skills can leads a project towards success and how ignoring these skills can cause a failure of a project. Purpose:

Purpose of this research is to explain that soft skills are essential for a project manager to acquire to deliver the project successfully. Methodology:
All the research, analysis and findings in my project will be based on the secondary data gathered from news papers articles, published journals, standard websites and academic books. The main method of my project will be reviewing all above mentioned literature resources related to ‘importance of Soft Skills in Project Management and how it is not ideal to overlook these skills for the success of project?”

Literature Review:
I have outlined below some of the selected articles related to my research question. Summary of related journals and articles

(1) Importance of soft skills –...
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