Takira Motors

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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IBS Hyderabad
Date: 15/11/2012 Time: 11:33:44

O O O Q Å~ëÉëíì Çá ã ì ã Ä~á L j M O ~ëé TK RNK SK L ÉëL Ol M TK



f_ p = ~ëÉ= íì Çá ` p Éë

O O O Q Å~ëÉëíì Çá ã ì ã Ä~á L j M O ~ëé TK RNK SK L ÉëL Ol M TK



f_ p = ~ëÉ= íì Çá ` p Éë

IBS Case Development Center

Takira Motors: Creating Assembly and Process Chart
This case study was writte n by Dr. Sunil Bhardwaj, Asst. Profe ssor, De partme nt of De cision Scie nce s, IBS Hyde rabad. It is inte nde d to be use d as the basis for class discussion rathe r than to illustrate e ithe r e ffe ctive or ine ffe ctive handling of a manage me nt situation. The case was pre pare d from ge ne ralise d e xpe rie nce s.

Lice nse to use for IBS Mumbai Se m-II, Class of 2014

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O O O Q Å~ëÉëíì Çá ã ì ã Ä~á L j M O ~ëé TK RNK SK L ÉëL Ol M TK



f_ p = ~ëÉ= íì Çá ` p Éë


Takira Motors: Creating Assembly and Process Chart
Takira Motors is one of the leading companies which manufactures a variety of bikes. Each model caters to a particular segment of the bike lovers on a large scale.

Shakiro, who is an MBA student, has gone to one of the plants of 'Takira Motors', as part of Summer interm project. There he worked under Shapiro, Production Manager and learned about the process design aspects in the company.

Shapiro often indulges in intellectual talks with Shakiro. The other day they debated on the difference between productivity and efficiency. Shakiro believed that both the words have the same meaning, however, at the end of the discussion he is convinced that these two things are different but necessary for any organisation’s success. Shapiro, in order to provide some work has assigned Shakiro a task of making a process flow chart to him. Shakiro recalls the knowledge of operations management and collects the data which can be described as follows Exhibits I and II:

Exhibit I Component Details for the Bike Model X Assembly
S.No. Description of Component Component ERP Code Predecessor Component Inspection Required after

ERP Code EG001 F002 H111 W121 A007 – EG001 F002 H111 W121

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Engine Frame Handle Wheel & Tyres Accessories

Component Is Installed? No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Prepared by the author

Shakiro is also required to find out the bottle neck activity and the activities which are likely to be the starving activities along with the following parameters

• •

Cycle time and throughput time for the assembly process Operation time and process velocity (assuming transportation to be of no value adding activity)

Exhibit II Assembly Tasks for Model X Bike
S.NO. Task Description 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
O O O Q Å~ëÉëíì Çá ã ì ã Ä~á L j M O ~ëé TK RNK SK L ÉëL Ol M TK

Get engine to the main assembly station Get the frame to the main assembly station Set the fixtures and Assemble with engine Inspect assembly Get the Handles Fit the handles Inspect assembly Get wheel and tyres

Distance Moved (m) 12 10 – – 22 – – 20

Worker Time (mins) 5 6 2 3 4 2 3 3


f_ p = ~ëÉ= íì Çá ` p Éë

9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Fit the wheel and tyres Inspect assembly Place assembly into flow Inspect assembly Fit accessories to the vehicle

– – 50 – 30

1.5 2.5 7 2 5

Prepared by the author

Help Shakiro in following activities 1. 2. 3. 4. Preparing a flow chart for the assembly. Preparing a process chart for the assembly Identifying the bottleneck Assessing the cycle time and other relevant parameters.

Suggested Questions for Discussion

I. II.

To what uses could these charts be applied in process design? Do you think...
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