Emotional Intellligence

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Emotional Intellig ence Over view

About Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Emotional Intelligence (EI), o ften measured as an Emotional Intelligent Quotient (EQ), describes an ability, capacity, o r skill to perceive, access, and mange the emo tio ns o f self, and o thers, and gro ups. It is a relatively new area o f psycho lo gical research.

Origins of the concept
The idea o f emo tio nal intelligence has been aro und fo r so me co nsiderable time. Ho w ever it became w idely po pularised by Daniel Go ldman w ith his best selling bo o k Emotional I ntelligence: Why I t Can Matter More T han I Q. Go leman built o n earlier studies such a E. L. Tho rndike at C o lumbia University, w ho used the term so cial intelligence to describe understanding and managing o f o ther peo ple.

In 1 9 7 5 , Ho w ard Gardner Frames of Mind: T he T heory of Multiple I ntelligences intro duced the idea o f Multiple Intelligences w hich included bo th I nterpersonal intelligence ( the capacity to understand the intentio ns, mo tivatio ns and desires o f o ther peo ple) and I ntrapersonal intelligence (the capacity to understand o neself, to appreciate o ur feelings, fears and mo tivatio ns). In the view o f Gardner, traditio nal types o f intelligence, such as IQ, fail to fully explain co gnitive ability. Therefo re traditio nal definitio ns o f intelligence are lacking in ability to fully explain perfo rmance o utco mes.

Defining emotional intelligence
There is much discussio n abo ut the definitio n o f EI, arguments abo ut termino lo gy and that applicatio ns .Whilst there are a gro w ing number o f co ntributo rs to this field o f intelligence w e have decided fo r the sake o f brevity cho sen to co mment o n tw o po pular definitio ns and applicatio ns.

Namely the w o rk o f Steven J. Stein, PhD. and Ho w ard E. Bo o k, M.D. T he EQ Edge: Emotional I ntelligence and Y our Success. Emo tio nal Intelligence is the ability to perceive emo tio ns, to access and generate emo tio ns so as to assist tho ught, to understand emo tio ns and emo tio nal kno w ledge, and reflectively regulate emo tio ns so as to pro mo te emo tio nal and intellectual gro w th. (Mayer & Salo vey, 1 9 9 7 )

Our seco nd reco mmended so urce w o uld be the w o rk o f Tim Sparro w & Amada Knight, Applied EI : the importance of Attitudes in Developing Emotional I ntelligence. Their definitio n o f EI: Emotional I ntelligence integrates f eeling, thinking and doing. I t is the habitual practice of thinking about f eeling and f eeling about thinking when choosing what to do.

Optimising Personal Performance
We need to examine w hat impact EI leadership has to o ffer fo r o ur perso nal perfo rmance, emo tio nally, physically and spiritually. There is no w w idespread suppo rt fro m pio neering researches like that o f Dr. Alex C o nco rd o f The C o nco rde Initiative Her understanding o f ho w the brain functio ns has lead her to identify that the limbic system is in fact the po w erho use and Chief Executive o f the human-mind/human bo dy system. Linear thinking is co gnitive, but to create transfo rmatio nal change the limbic system has to be invo lved. Transfo rmatio nal change (limbic) is to change

fundamentally ho w w e see things and ho w yo u do things as a co nsequence.
C o gnitive change is abo ut pro viding mo re guidelines and rules that are mo re restricting. Limbic change is abo ut changing the individual intention by addressing emo tio nal intelligence that is no t really in alignment w ith w ho they are no w , their current purpo se, and that creates mo re cho ices.

www.schoolofmaster y.ie/index_files/Emotional_Intellig ence.htm



creates mo re cho ices.

Emotional Intellig ence Over view

Dr. Alex C o nco rd call high perf ormance lo w stress systems. What is stress? Stress arises w hen the demand o n the w ho le human system exceeds reso urces in any give time frame. Gro up w o rk w ill increase the reso...
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