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Virginia Evans - Jenny Dooley
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Exp re:

I Rozumlenle ze sluchu
,e:e:owyah infortnaaji a ania tego typu v0,roaga vsyazskania konkrernych informacil w tekinienagratria.

() Us{yszysz dwukrotnie piçd krotkich tekstow. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu w pytaniach 1-5 z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz wlaciwg. -

Zakresl Iiterç A. B lub C. 1 Where is the man? A at an airport B at a metro station C at a travel agent's

owifzoneznapytatna kIozowe Pornoze Ci to zorilentowad Al. : wtr01t0t

2 The speaker says that she A likes to eat healthy food. B is on a weight-loss diet. C eats junk food occasionally. 3 What does John take pictures of? A people 4 Where is Susan? A at a hotel B at the beach C at work B storms C animals

5 Which of the meals is Peter's? A$ B C

Telantalakand aaatankwoe.jakioh

Rozumienie tekstów pisanych
Przeczytaj tekst, z ktorego asuniçto cztery zdania. Dobierz brakul4ce zdania (A–E), tak aby otrzymad logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Jedno zdanie zostalo podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do zadnej luki. -

Mania i dopoosl in do I,ik. Uzyj do tego wokozówek, takish jak zonki, tip. hr,,. Slit itp. Sib tpoioiki vi7ttçpiajoe tuz nie ' Upewnhlit, ze uzupe4rione zdaria sq pop—ne pod i loglozeyrn. Na konos proeozf'tal tab tekat, aby sprawdaiC, my lest 0 iogiozny I epoiny.

Dear Stephen, Our new house is great' 1) ..........There are two floors and there aren't any houses nearby. 2) ..........We've got o big farmyard and a born for milking cows. There are two garages. The big one is for the cars. 3) ......Every morning I wake up early to the sound of the animals in the yard just outside my bedroom window. This is where we feed the Chickens. They're OK, but I can't stand the smell, 4) , , .. Anyway, come and visit me. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Write soon. Andrew

A My bedroom is nice. B In fact, there are only fields. C It makes me feel sick,

D It's an old farmhouse, E The other one is smaller and it's for the tractor.



Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych mozliwosci odpowiedzi wybierz wfadcil zgodnq z treiciq tekstu. Zakresl literç A. B lub C. Wyszukiwanie kbtnyh InforncjI Zanirn zapoznasz sic z tekstern. przeczytaj pytania i sugerowane odpowiedzi, i podkreI w nich slowa kluczowe. Nastcpnic przeczytaj rcksr Izaznacz w nirn informace cdncszce sie do poszzegoInyh pyt.

Long ago, the people of Greece and Rome believed in many gods and goddesses. Stories, which we call myths, were made up about these gods and goddesses. These myths helped to explain the things in nature that people did not understand. The myths also told of special powers the gods and goddesses had to help or harm others. One of the goddesses was the protector of wild animals. People in Greece called her Artemis, but people in Rome called her Diana. The Greeks built a temple to honour her, and they put a statue of her inside the temple. The temple was made of white marble and shone like gold. It was so large that some people said it 'rose to the clouds'. The temple of Artemis was built more than 2,500 years ago. It took many years to build. When it was finished, people travelled great distances to see this wonder. Then the temple was destroyed by fire. But people loved the goddess so much, they built an even fancier temple in the same place. Years and years later, enemy soldiers burnt down the temple. It was never rebuilt, Today you can see the ruins of the temple at Ephesus in Turkey. 1 Why did people invent myths? A to talk about the lives of the Romans B to protect people from the powers of the gods C to explain strange things that happened in nature 2 What did the Greeks put inside the temple? A a statue of a Roman god B a statue of a Greek goddess C a statue made of marble and gold 3 How many times was the Temple of Artemis rebuilt? A once C twice 4 What is this text about? A myths about Greece and Rome B the Temple of Artemis C how the Greeks and Romans...
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