Taking a Risk

Topics: Communication, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Lack of communication
Many things could cause a lack of communication in relationships; due to this I feel divorce rate is high. First, when you do not communicate you don’t know how each other feels. You are not able to display and open up to one another, whether it be to get a point across or sharing how you feel emotionally. When you get into a fight and you do not talk about it by means of communicating how you would know that maybe there are parts you both would agree, maybe what you were fighting about you could avoid if you saw one another’s stand point. Many of us don’t like something and instead of telling the other person we don’t communicate ones feelings and that brings space in between our relationship, and the effect of this would be that it could bring distance and bad feelings for each other. Another reason that there is a lack of communication in a relationship is that because sometimes as people we don’t want to hurt the other person by telling how we really feel, yet in the end it could make it worse the effect on not telling each other how we really feel all and all is that we are not really being fair to our self and the one we are in a relationship with. The effect of not telling and being honest to each other is that you might be uncomfortable with approaching the one you care about, but by not communicating the other person is not aware and you are left feeling uncomfortable about a situation. Finally, and perhaps most important the lack of communication in a relationship consist of not being able to speak up and confront one another of our likes, dislikes. When we get in a fight we run away from what we are fighting about, and sweep it under the rug, let it go instead of discussing it. When all in all that does not do anything but push it away for one day later when it comes up and it still most times bothers us, when if we had opened up communicated to each other we would avoid a lack of communication. The most important effect of...
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