Analysis of Agamemnon

Topics: Agamemnon, Marriage, Trojan War Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 2, 2013

Agamemnon concedes as a very disturbing in play, since he is a vicious man so killed the previous king of Argos for the throne and marry the daughter, which is Clytemnestra. The other reasons are the sacrifices of Iphigenia to Artemis, and I just can’t conceive of killing his blood relative and in some point he didn’t even think a mercy to his daughter. Then another one is admiring the half sister of Clytemnestra, which is Helen. The last one is that having an affair to his concubine, Cassandra. I cannot imagine that returning to Argos with his mistress and live it there but in other hand he has a wife. Therefore I consider him as a very disturbing in play.

I think the highlight of the play is the sacrifice of Iphigenia to Artemis for the fair winds and safe trip. This is the emphasis of the play because the beginning of Clytemnestra’s anger to Agamemnon. I can’t even conceptualize what Agamemnon done to his daughter. He didn’t have the conscience killing an innocent daughter or kid.

Being in relationship isn’t easy. There are moments when the relationship may be perfect, but suddenly it may turn sour. This thing occurs especially in marriage. I think the primary reasons are the misunderstanding can cause tension between partners. The other one is the lack of mutual trust when a partner does not trust the other partner, then he or she becomes too suspicious. And the last one is the Infidelity which is having an affair in another woman or man. This can lead to their breaking off their relationship.

The most interesting part of the play is when Agamemnon returned to Argos with his slave. I like this part because it reaches the wrath of Clytemnestra for the death of her daughter, lover and for having an affair by his husband. She revealed the new Clytemnestra that can fight for her love one.
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