Fun with Everyman the Play

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Everyman, the play, presents the reader with a variety of assorted characters, as representatives of things human’s, more often than not, value. Values that the main character, named Everyman, has involved in his life. The character Everyman is called upon by the calm character Death, but Everyman is not ready to die just yet. Everyman sets out on a journey to find some companions and friends to go on his journey towards death, and the grave, with him. Everyman realizes how stupid, foolish and a waste of time this is in the end and he finally comes to the conclusion that he alone has to give witness to his life before God at the time of judgment.

1. Introduction of the play
2. Summary of the characters found in the play.
3. Main character story and his weaknesses.
4. The author’s viewpoint of death.
5. Conclusion

Everyman 1.

Introduction of the play

“Everyman” is an English play, likely written before the end of the Fifteenth century. “Everyman” is considered one of the morality plays, with its Catholic and Christian morals ever present and mixing them within its entertainment value. The play is an example of an allegory, defined as, “The characters in an allegory often have no individual personality, but are embodiments of moral qualities and other abstractions.” (Allegory, 2010). The author, unknown, and lost to time, used powerfully named characters to represent characters any human may meet along their own personal journeys towards our own death.

Everyman 2.

Summary of the Characters
The main character of the play is adeptly named Everyman, a representative of literally every human: Emotional, with needs and wants in life, he is broke. Not just broke, but busted. The messenger, an angel, a real good looking one, announces the treaty with God and tells the real title of the play, “The Summoning of Everyman” (Anonymous, 1:1:4) God, a real macho dude, with an almighty presence throughout the heavens says, “I perceive, here in my majesty, How that all creatures be to me unkind.” (Anonymous, 1:1:22-23). God has concerns that people have developed an unnatural desire for worldly goods like dope and sex and stuff. God talks about the 7 deadly sins, including shoplifting and capping each other, and people living only to serve themselves, not being waitresses and waiters to others. Tired of human crap, God calls Death, a real bad ass dude, to the scene to go find the character Everyman, to kick his ass, collect his shit, and bring him to the day of reckoning. Death leaves and finds Everyman going about his daily activities and his routines. Death tells Everyman, “YO yo...That shall I show thee: a recognizing [God] he needs to have.” (Anonymous, 1:1:98-99). Death tells Everyman that the Day of Judgment is upon him. Everyman just doesn't get it, he just wants to keep shopping at the mall for the newest Nike shoes. This judgment day can also be found mentioned in the Bible some where in Revelation 20:12-14, “…and the dead[they have a real bad stink] were judged according to the things written in the books[they used to be called encyclopedias, according to what they had done…They were all judged according to their good or dirty deeds.” (New International Version, my Edition). When Everyman looks at his imitation Rolex, he realizes that his time on earth is quickly coming to a halt,he hides his bong then he negotiates with Death to give him one more day to get his shit in order. Everyman’s case for needing more time is that Death surprised him with a shower reach for the soap moment, and should give him Just a little more time. Everyman needs the extra time to gather up his friends, his peeps and his gang to go with him on this journey to judgment day. Thru this journey, Everyman sees his friends...
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