Medea in Full Control of the Events

Topics: Euripides, Medea, Greek mythology Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: August 18, 2008
Gustavo A. Carrillo Humanities 111 June 25, 2008
Medea in Full Control of the Events

Euripides plays are about the emotions and reactions of ordinary people and social issues rather than with deities and their adventures. His collection of plays, approximately 90 of them, includes Electra, Trojan Women and Medea. This last one is the most controversial play during Euripides's time, because portraits Medea as a heroine in a time where only man can be heroes. Medea is an easy play to read that includes not too many characters. Anybody could relate to the events in this play because they can happen to any ordinary person. This essay answers the following question: Are Medea's actions inevitable and beyond her control, or is she able to choose? Medea has many opportunities to change her fate and she knows that it is against the moral standards of her time, but she decides to take the necessary actions to do it anyway. Medea is a tragedy about a woman looking for revenge. She wants to punish her ex-husband Jason by murdering his new wife Glauce, Kreon (King of Corinth) and ultimately her own children. Jason abandons Medea to gain more power by taking the King's daughter in marriage leaving her alone with two boys. This event transforms Medea's happiness into agony, and from the beginning of the play she is suffering so much that she wants to die instead: "I wish, I wish I might die" (Euripides 97). At least four more times she expresses her desire to find release from her pain through death. Is death a way of escape for this woman's affliction, or can she does something differently to keep herself alive without feeling this way? Medea is a woman in total control of her actions, and she is willing to kill even her own blood. She is not going to die without knowing that her ex-husband has paid for his disloyalty. Medea is angry and full of hate and she will not overestimate the price of her revenge, even if this price could be her own children. She shows this hate...
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