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implemenTing a susTainabiliTy policy
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The Good Practice Guide to...

The Good Practice Guide to Implementing a Sustainability Policy British Institute of Facilities Management
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Published November 2008

Welcome to the Good Practice Guide to… Implementing a Sustainability Policy T

1 2 5 8 10 12 17 Introduction What is a sustainability policy? Choosing your topics: a matrix Setting targets and monitoring Hard and soft benefits Reporting to stakeholders 10 steps to a sustainable policy

he objective of this guide is to show how to produce a good practice document that will help organisations develop and implement a sustainability policy. The overall aim is to support core strategic objectives while satisfying stakeholders’ needs. Stakeholders increasingly demand that organisations take action on a wide range of social and environmental issues, as well as maintain economic objectives. However, perceived barriers of cost and time, as well as poor knowledge, must be overcome before the policy can be implemented. The key principles underlying the guide are: • The need for organisations, particularly in the private sector, to incorporate social and environmental issues as key factors in their strategic decision-making processes. • The necessity of extending the

role of the facilities manager to include the task of developing and implementing sustainable practices within core operations. • The significance of developing a sustainability policy in order to give essential support for the implementation and management of sustainable practices. • The importance of confirming an organisational strategy, understanding and communicating the benefits of a sustainability policy, and undertaking a participatory approach in the definition and execution of all the processes involved. These are essential for the policy’s ongoing success. The document boosts the ability of organisations from across all sectors, and of all types...
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