Supervision Ad Leadership Notes

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Chapter 7
* Management theory was first described over 100 years ago during the industrial revolution. Defined as coordination of human, material, technological, and financial resources needed for an organization to reach its goals. Management is multipurpose organ that manages a business and manage managers and manages workers and work. * 5 functions of manager’s job: planning, controlling, organizing, staffing, and leading, continuous improvement. * Top level managers (chief executive officers, presidents, senior vice presidents) plan and organize. First line or front line managers (foreman, crew chiefs, supervisors) involved in nitty gritty. Front line lead and control. Learning Observations- organizations that adapt and grow to cater to new markets and build on new ideas.

Green thumb leadership- supportive rather than directive leadership to encourage employee innovation. Peter M. Senge mid 1990’s. must nurture employees to grow Judith estrin. Supportive, protect new initiatives, encouraging risk taking & flexibility. Foster open communication lines between themselves and employees protect new ideas, eliminate threats to new idea generation. Learning leaders- active leaders of change that participate in co-inquiry. Patricia Fritts

Distinctions between management and leadership
Creating and agenda ;(management) planning&budgeting, steps for achieving each goal allocating the resources needed to complete those goals.(leadership) establish direction, develop a vision, and strategies Developing a human network for achieving the agenda;(management) organizing and staffing, structuring, staffing that structures with individuals, delegating responsibility to carry out a plan, providing policies and procedures, cerate methods to monitor implementation.(Leadership) aligning people, communicating the direction by words to influence the teams that understand the vision Executive plans;(management) controlling and problem solving, monitor results,...
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