Sonic Questions Chapter 17, 18, & 19

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MKT 6661 XTIA – Strategic Marketing Management
Erin Price & William Taylor

Chapter 17, 18, & 19

With Chapter 17: Jane Melody has assigned you to plan integrated marketing communications for Sonic’s new product introduction. Review the data, decisions, and strategies you previously documented in your marketing plan before you answer the next three questions.

• What communications objectives are appropriate for Sonic’s initial campaign?

Answer: Brand Awareness will provide a foundation for brand equity. Consumers are more likely to recognize a package than to remember a brand name. In previous questions we discussed ways in which Sonic can use packaging and labeling to support its brand image. The idea is to grab the attention of the customer. The Sonic 1000’s features, customizations, performance quality, and reliability product differentiations will allow the consumer to recognize the brand outside the store.  

“Purchase intention is defined as the likelihood that a consumer will buy a product.” As discussed in previous questions, Sonic should provide consumers as well as businesses with product allowances on trade ins from previous devices when purchasing a Sonic 1000. Promotional offers will encourage consumers to buy Sonic’s new product by offering an incentive to upgrade from a previous PDA.

Sonic on the initial campaign should set objectives in order to gain awareness from our preconceived target market. Sonic’s objectives need to focus on knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. Right now Sonic needs to focus on getting the Sonic 1000 brand awareness and market share in the saturated PDA market.

• How can Sonic use personal communications channels to influence its target audience?

Answer: Personal communications channels will allow Sonic to communicate with its consumers through the phone, mail, or email. A person’s word of mouth can affect the buying attitude of two people and increases to eight through online communication. The key is to get the word out about the new product. Since Sonic is a startup company, one of the most cost effective ways of carrying the message will be Sonics own employees and their social channels. Personal influence will be very pivotal to Sonic 1000’s initial success therefore creating positive consumer feedback and brand ambassadors will help Sonic gain positive market share of an already saturated PDA market.

• Which communication tools would you recommend using after Sonic’s initial product has been in the market for six months? Why?

Answer: Since after 6 months we hope to have Sonic 1000 is in the hands of a few key consumers this is an opportunity to increase or communication with our current consumers. Sonic should have established its distribution points in key distributors and resellers. Now Sonic needs to focus its marketing on driving consumers to the point of purchase. This fits perfectly into our communication channels that we discussed in our previous question. Sonic can use all the communication channels in order to drive consumers to the point of purchase and get feedback from our current consumers in order to correct any issues that have arrived in our initial launch. By creating positive consumer feedback too it will help Sonic gain consumer ambassadors which will help drive other consumers in their demographic and inner circle towards our brand.

With Chapter 18: Mass communications will play a key role in Sonic’s product introduction. After reviewing your earlier decisions and thinking about the current situation (especially your competitive circumstances), respond to the following questions to continue planning Sonic’s marketing communications strategy.

• Once Sonic begins to use consumer advertising, what goals would be appropriate?

Answer: Sonic should focus on objectives that can be supported by promotion activities in order to generate brand awareness within the...
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