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Experiment 1: Study of Any Testing Tool (Win Runner)

Win Runner is a program that is responsible for the automated testing of software. Win Runner is a Mercury Imperative’s enterprise functional testing tool for Microsoft windows applications.

Importance of Automated Testing:

1. Reduced testing time
2. Consistent test procedures – ensure process repeatability and resource independence. Eliminates errors of manual testing 3. Reduces QA cost – Upfront cost of automated testing is easily recovered over the lifetime of the product 4. Improved testing productivity – test suites can be run earlier and more often 5. Proof of adequate testing

6. For doing tedious work – test team members can focus on quality areas. Win Runner Uses:

1. With Win Runner sophisticated automated tests can be created and run on an application. 2. A series of wizards will be provided to the user, and these wizards can create tests in an automated manner. 3. Another impressive aspect of Win Runner is the ability to record various interactions, and transform them into scripts. Win Runner is designed for testing graphical user interfaces. 4. When the user makes an interaction with the GUI, this interaction can be recorded. Recording the interactions allows determining various bugs that need to be fixed. 5. When the test is completed, Win Runner will provide with detailed information regarding the results. It will show the errors that were found, and it will also give important information about them. The good news about these tests is that they can be reused many times. 6. Win Runner will test the computer program in a way that is very similar to normal user interactions. This is important, because it ensures a high level of accuracy and realism. Even if an engineer is not physically present, the Recover manager will troubleshoot any problems that may occur, and this will allow the tests to be completed without errors. 7. The Recover Manager is a powerful tool that can assist users with various scenarios. This is important, especially when important data needs to be recovered. The goal of Win Runner is to make sure business processes are properly carried out. Win Runner uses TSL, or Test Script Language.

Win Runner Testing Modes

Context Sensitive

Context Sensitive mode records your actions on the application being tested in terms of the GUI objects you select (such as windows, lists, and buttons), while ignoring the physical location of the object on the screen. Every time you perform an operation on the application being tested, a TSL statement describing the object selected and the action performed is generated in the test script. As you record, Win Runner writes a unique description of each selected object to a GUI map.

The GUI map consists of files maintained separately from your test scripts. If the user interfaces of your application changes, you have to update only the GUI map, instead of hundreds of tests. This allows you to easily reuse your Context Sensitive test scripts on future versions of your application.

To run a test, you simply play back the test script. Win Runner emulates a user by moving the mouse pointer over your application, selecting objects, and entering keyboard input. Win Runner reads the object descriptions in the GUI map and then searches in the application being tested for objects matching these descriptions. It can locate objects in a window even if their placement has changed.


Analog mode records mouse clicks, keyboard input, and the exact x- and y-coordinates traveled by the mouse. When the test is run, Win Runner retraces the mouse tracks. Use Analog mode when exact mouse coordinates are important to your test, such as when testing a drawing application.

The Win Runner Testing Process

Testing with Win Runner involves six main stages:

1. Create the GUI Map

The first stage is to create the GUI...
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