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Appendix J

Algorithm Verification

Consider the following selection statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100.

input X

if (0 <= X and X < 49)
output "you fail"

else if (50 <= X and X < 70)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did OK"

else if (70 <= X and X < 85)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did well"

else if (85 <= X and X < 100)
output "your grade is" X
output "you did great"

output "how did you do?"

What will be printed if the input is 0?
* “you fail”
* “how did you do?”
What will be printed if the input is 100?
* “how did you do?”
What will be printed if the input is 51?
* “your grade is 51”
* “you did OK”
* “how did you do?”
What will be printed if the user enters “Wingding”?
The program will terminate because it is expecting an integer value and a “Wingding” will cause an error in the program which will cause it to crash. *
Is this design robust? If so, explain why. If not, explain what you can do to make it robust. * The design is not robust as there are no statements for error handling and handling exceptions. To make this code more robust I would add error handling statements like the user can only enter numbers that are between 0 and 100. Also the user cannot enter any strings like winding and other data types, for other numbers and data types the system will display "invalid input. Please enter a number between 0 and 100." Also notice that it doesn't handle the case of entering 49. You need <= 49, as it is now, when you enter 49 all it will say is "how did u do?" same thing with entering 100 and for anything over 100. *

How many levels of nesting are there in this design?
There is one level of nesting in the design.
Provide a set of values that will test the normal operation of this program segment. Defend your choices. * Test Values
Input (X) Output...
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