Social Problems Exam 2 Study Guide

Topics: Gender, Sociology, Gender role Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Social Problems Exam #2 Study Guide
This study guide is intended to provide you with a fairly comprehensive list of concepts that you should know for this exam. Keep in mind that your exams will be created from a larger pool of questions, so it is possible that you will not see a question over everything on this list. Chapter 6: Characteristics of urban and suburban areas Urban-suburban shifts over the past 50 years Deindustrialization Corporate movements Mortgage lending practices and redlining Gentrification Slumlording Warehousing Health care and urban areas White flight Urban sprawl Poverty rates and urbanity/suburbanity The informal economy Effect of suburbanization Jobs/housing mismatch Triage Self-fulfilling prophecy and urban areas Federal government spending on urban and suburban areas Methamphetamine and marijuana production Chapter 7: The U.S. census Poverty rates across race, ethnicity, gender, and age Percentage of Native Americans on reservations Int’l comparisons regarding U.S. poverty Characteristics of the poor Infant mortality rates Consequences of poverty Social Darwinism - including Jensen, Herrnstein, and Murray The culture of poverty thesis Examples and consequences of institutional discrimination Feminization of poverty Types of poor people - old, new, near, and working 1

Tax expenditures Regressive taxes Length of stay on welfare Welfare reform of 1996 The “hidden welfare system” Chapter 8: Racial stratification and its consequences Characteristics of minority status Life expectancy and minority group status Ethnicity and race Healthcare coverage Fastest-growing minority group in the U.S. today Biological and cultural deficiency theories Institutional racism Connection between race/ethnicity, education level, and income Causes of the minority education gap Race/ethnicity and occupations Focus of the structural analysis approach Definitions of minority and dominant groups Racial formation Bias theories Structural discrimination...
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