Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration
Shanna Marie Fulwood
Angela Anderson
February 11th, 2013

Diversity, inequality, and immigration or three words that brings mind some of the current political subjects that are currently affecting the United States today. Throughout the country’s history, there is the notable inequality and racial injustice in our society. This can be seen, and our history textbooks, about the Civil War, civil rights movement, and the more recently with the gay-rights movement. That history of this country is established on these types of movements and wars. Many different cultures have come together and creating the diversity in this country that people offer for two as a melting pot. Within this assignment, diversity, and equality, and immigration will be discussed along with the overview of inequality, understanding ethnicity, the impact of immigration, and working with diverse groups.

Adversity can be defined as the condition or instance of differing elements or qualities (dictionary.com). Diversely here is used to help describe “society according to certain identifiers” (Schmidt, 2006). The history of diversity includes the quality. This history has brought America to where it is today. History of inequality and racial injustice in our society can be seen and what our children learn to bank area and the great examples of this is still war, which bought for freedom from slavery, the civil rights movement, which will plot the equality of race, and more current gay-rights movement, that fights for equality rights regardless of who you are attracted to. Racial inequalities have been seen in ways that range from racial disparities in wealth, poverty taxes, housing, education, and unemployment rates. Some claim that racial inequalities have roots as far back as 300 years ago.

The current disparities in housing and homeownership, health insurance, social mobility, unemployment status, but political representation...
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